• Michelle Smith

A Real Superhero

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I sat in a class of 2nd graders whose new exploration was to think of superheros for their upcoming lesson. The 26 kids were given a post it note to write down two superheros they know. All 26 ballets were in making the ground total 52 superheros. The teacher places the notes in a circle graph and grouped liked “heros”. The graph however, was mainly filled with fictional characters such as Batman, Spider-Man, plus unicorns. Some students were enlightened enough to use God as a hero and one student wrote down President Obama. Since the responses were mainly made up characters and the lesson called for the student to be more abstract the teacher gave the children the opportunity to name more superheros. Many kids were having a hard time thinking of beyond Marvel or DC characters. It was interesting watching the next generation having a trouble making the connection of thinking about actual people they know, or have learned about in school. I sat there wanting a child to think or mention their parents name, as I would when asked who my hero was when I was a child. Do kids not understand the amount of superpower moms have? Do they believe this gift to juggle their whole lives is not a power? I sat wondering. I whisper to a student to raise her hand and add her parents. She raises her hand and says her dad after being picked to respond. Beautiful, I thought. However, other students looked back at her with glares and “What? Dads aren’t superheros”... still on the assumption that Superman is real. Nevertheless, the teacher adds Dad to the outer circle of the graph . I’m left in the discussion hoping one day my child will look at me as one of her superheros. Being a new parent to an 11 month old has been a whole different life experience. How I viewed myself before her existence and now is a complete 180 degrees. For the best, indeed, but just different. I’m discovering my powers each day as I mold her and myself all together. So mothers reading , our superhuman powers include X-RAY vision, as we can feel when something quite not right like Miss Clavel in the Madeline book series, our SPECIAL web throwing ability shows when we can pull everything together even when things are still a sticky maze. Our super SPEED kicks in when we are right on time for our babies needs in which we carried. We FIGHT like heros for their knowledge and understanding and we FLY to the next day and do it all over again. Moms remember the function of our role as mothers is to protect and oversee. Which is exactly what the fictional characters do on top of Gotham city. However, we protect our house and the ones inside. So, with LOVE mothers, which is another superpower (probably our strongest strength), I pray you find the way to succeed in your powers and let no Kryptonite come in.

- Danielle Smith

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