• Michelle Smith

Ode to Anu: customize your tribe

All alone is a world that is new

In a new town, as a mother of two

With no friends or family,

Just my husband and me

Still in a fog, wondering what this will be

I made a commitment to myself

No feeling sorry, no pitty parties

I’ll give it my best try, not half but wholehearted

In an effort to free the boys

Despite all of the noise

We packed up and headed out, prepped with diapers and a few toys

We set out to the library

Kind of nervous and worried

Would Milo run off, would Mikko cry

As soon as I dropped my guard

There she was, in the corner of my eye

I saw chocolate!

And sighed a breath of relief

Someone who looked like me

Could it be

In a field of snow

Two obsidians connected

It was almost as if her spirit said welcome

We exchanged numbers

Honestly not expecting this to progress

But what came after

Only I could attest

We built a sisterhood of trust and love

That undeniably came from the Man up above

Our boys are now brothers, as if they were blood

It’s hard to imagine where we would be without you

My dear friend, her name is Anu

The irony...

Because that’s what she gave

A new hope, a new perspective

A new view through the haze

The haze of loneliness and doubt, that started this journey

Questioning my choices

Wondering if I was worthy

She’s never judged, or thought I was a fool

Because I’m so untraditional, even decided to homeschool

Instead she joined in my efforts, and accepts my 50 shades of crazy

Her encouragement and support

Is appreciated daily

She is proof that the good book is true

With works and faith

What you seek will be provided for you

Never doubt the position that you find yourself in

The Most High sets us all up for the win

Nothing happens by chance, but instead circumstance

Trust the process

It’s all a part of the plan

A plan that is intricate and bigger than what we can fathom

A plan that proves miracles do happen

Trust yourself and take the dive

Trust yourself to build your own tribe

We are given the tools we need to survive

Sight oftentimes comes by faith

And not just through our eyes

The best of anything is always customized🖤

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