• Michelle Smith

Mommy Muscle

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

What is mommy muscle you say?

It's how we make it through the day...

Finally, the last transition of this long day... this hot Mississippi mile long day. Towels... check, wash rags... check, soap... check, homemade mango butter mix... check, ointment... check, diapers... check, pajamas... check! I'd just wrapped up dinner and prepared a nice bath for the boys to end the day. After much anticipation I allowed myself to relax just a bit, feeling victorious after surviving another day. I let go, allowed my eyes to close as I leaned my head back. I slowly felt the muscles in my face start to relax, then tighten around my mouth subconsciously forming a smile. "Just stay strong" I whispered before taking a deep breath..... only to open my eyes to an olive green cloud rumbling to the surface of the bath tub. "NOOOOOOO!!!"

Before realizing it I let out a wail of surprise, startling both boys. Today I was introduced to my super human speed and strength. At the blink of an eye I swooped Mikko from the bath tub to the sink. As I'm wrestling to clean big little brother, I look over and notice little big brother smiling and splashing in murky waters. "Just stay strong"....

At this point Mikko is screaming uncontrollably. I barely managed to keep him awake to bathe, now with this extended bath time he is exhausted. This further agitates a sleepy Milo and a depleted mommy. The sirens in my head are getting louder and louder, reds lights flashing and a robotic voice repeats "INTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT! Just as I start to feel my chest tighten, my lips quiver and my eyelashes dampen everything goes blank, and in the mist of a foggy silence I hear the robotic voice say "Just stay strong"... my mind goes into emergency shutdown, then autopilot.

When I come to I am greeted by the sweet sounds of baby's breath . The boys are in their respective beds and the soothing aroma of lilac and eucalyptus dance around in the air. It's amazing how these little people can take so much out of you, then return it sweeter than it ever was before. Praise Yah! I made it!! Tomorrow provides a new beginning and most importantly today has been conquered.

With a new found sense of pride I smile as I make my way down the hall to my final destination, my bed. On the way I glance toward a light shining in my peripheral vision... The kitchen!............ Just stay strong!!

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