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7 Super Powers That Make Moms So Resilient

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

As a wombman, the survival of humanity is up to us...DUN DUN DUN..........

It takes approximately 40 weeks for a baby to be fashioned in it's mother's womb. This we know, but what some may not know is that this time is also used to prepare one's mind and body for the incredible feats that are to surely come. Don't get me wrong, we are very much human... we cry, we make mistakes, we have limits. But I'm finding that those limits are tested daily and being a mom has allowed me to grow in ways I never imagined possible. So ladies when you feel defeated or less than, just remember all the ways that you are and will always be extraordinary to a certain someone.

1. Child Birth

Before birth

From aged eggs to sluggish sperm, there are many obstacles that challenge a couple’s attempts to conceive. Even with an initial 100 million sperm made per day by men, a mere estimate of only 50 sperm actually make it to the egg. If indeed there is an efficacious connection, this new embryo must now cling on to life by successfully attaching itself to the uterine wall. “It is thought that up to half of fertilized eggs do not survive, with many ending in an “unnoticed miscarriage””. (motherforlife.com – The Miracle of Conception). With there being another 20% chance of miscarrying throughout the duration of the pregnancy it is a miracle within itself that we have babies as often as we do. Consider yourself to be truly blessed!

During birth

A whole other beast! "Busting it wide open" becomes the least of your concerns when going through what has been described (by my sister-in-law) to be the closest common experience to death… without experiencing death. This seems to be most accurate when considering that the childbirth mortality rate is 20 deaths per 100,000 live births, with the U.S having the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed worlds. This number has doubled in the past 20 years with no signs of slowing down. Something to consider when adding up hospital bills and insurance premiums.

After birth

Literally… what is commonly known as afterbirth is perhaps one of the most remarkable resources for baby while in the womb. Also known as the placenta, this miracle organ serves as a mini mommy as it provides oxygen and nutrients to a growing baby and removes waste products from baby’s blood. Yes ladies, we were feeding and changing dipies way before we met our littles.

2. Benefits of breastfeeding

Fights infection

Breastfeeding has the amazing ability to help fight infections affecting the mother as well as those experienced by the baby. This protects babies from infection while their immune systems matures and becomes stronger.

Adjusts to baby’s needs

Okay so let’s take this a step further. Not only does breast milk produce antibodies, but antibodies that are specifically designed to address baby’s needs as indicated by receptors through baby’s saliva. Let’s slow this down… when baby is sick, they pass on a cue through their saliva that sends a signal to mommy’s body to produce more milk with the illness-specific antibodies. Mind blowing………………

Helps brain development

According to “Psychology Today, Breastfeeding and Early White Matter Development: A Cross Sectional Study”, it has been claimed by researchers that breastfeeding can improve baby’s brain development by 20-30 percent. During this 2013 study it was found that the significant difference within the 3 study groups (breastfed, formula fed, combination) was the amount of white matter growth, with there being a 20-30 percent influx noted in the children who were exclusively breastfed. The Duration of breastfeeding also plays a role in cognitive development. Babies who were breastfed for a more than a year were compared to babies who were breastfed less than a year. It was concluded that there was a significant amount enhanced brain grown in the babies who were breastfed longer, especially when dealing with motor function.

3. Intuition

Women are naturally sensitive creatures, now add on the responsibility of keeping a mini you alive and one would be surprised at how your intuitive super powers mature. From waking up just in time to keep baby from falling out of the bed, to knowing exactly what he needs to feel comforted and secure after a fall, our ability to empathize with our littles is like no other connection. According to a study published in 2015, “The Science of Mother’s Intuition”, it was discovered that as women, we carry the DNA of our children inside of our brains for the rest of our lives. Because of a woman’s weakened immune system during pregnancy, a baby’s DNA is able to penetrate the blood brain barrier and remain in the brain forever. Looks like we were right all along, our children were and will forever be apart of us.

6. Multitasking

I remember a more simple time when I would wish for things like money, or maybe even a shiny new car. Now my top three wishes seem to consistently be TIME, TIME and more TIME! As mommies we are tasked with cooking, cleaning, laundry, managing money, shopping, looking up to par (trying to at least), personal development, pleasing our men, being daughters, sisters, bffs, ect.!! The list goes on and on, yet somehow we are expected to master these things in a 24 hour time span. HOW SWAY? One must tap into that inner super mommy just to stay afloat. The power of multitasking is something that has definitely been gifted to mothers since the beginning, especially considering that men are children themselves… but that’s for another day. So the next time you are cooking dinner while your baby is screaming, toddler is eating crayons, and hubby smacks your butt as he proceeds to pass through the kitchen like it’s not burning down… woosah and remember that you are gifted in a way many are not. To whom much is given, much is required!

5. Strength

When considering the many changes that our bodies endure from pregnancy to sleepless nights with a one year old (yes! a whole year later and I’m still struggling), it’s no wonder that everyone is still alive and kicking. As mommies we unquestionably possess a type of strength that can only be described as superhuman. We’ve all heard stories about mothers using superhuman strength to do extraordinary things like lift a car to rescue their child, but how is this possible? This wonder is known as hysterical strength. According to Wikipedia, “the extra strength is commonly attributed to increased adrenaline production, though supporting evidence is scarce, and inconclusive when available, research into the phenomenon is difficult, though it is thought that it is theoretically possible”. In other words, they don’t really know how it happens, they just know that it happens. The truth is there is no metric system in the world that can measure the love a mother has for her child and in the midst of adversity we will do anything humanly…and super humanly possible to protect our littles. Now this was a nice little lesson in defying physics, but what about those examples that aren’t seen with the naked eye. Mothers have a special resiliency that allows us to keep going just when we feel we can’t go anymore. I’m speaking on the times you can’t get out of bed because you feel defeated, or you have no idea how you will manage to pay for a trip to a recital that your child has worked so hard for. It is in those times that we must pull from our source (love), pump up those mommy muscles and get er done!

6. See into the future

Who remembers being a kid and your mom tells you to stop doing something before you hurt yourself? Being defiant, you continue to spin on that chair and by golly, you hurt yourself. Yep, mother always knows best. I may wear glasses now but hindsight is 20/20, and after all how do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Mommies are a blessing in that way. We shield our littles from storms they have no idea are coming and we try our best to prepare them for those we know they can’t avoid. We have the responsibility of taking every lesson, every bit of knowledge and wisdom and pouring it into our littles. They really are our future!

7. Healer

One of our greatest powers as mommies is our ability to heal. Rather it’s a reassuring hug, or a peroxide/ointment/band aid party we possess a special touch that only mommies can provide. The most beautiful part of being a healer to our littles is that we have the upmost control, also known as prevention. Through diet and healthy life choices we teach our littles by example to value themselves and that they only deserve the best. Not only do our bodies serve as a vehicle, but also as a temple that was meant to be sacred. Look at it this way… your body is the vehicle, and your fuel (breath) is the spirit of Yah. What would happen if you put 87 gas in a BMW? You get my point!

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