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Mommy Muscle

And it was never the same...

"I'm thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength" 


As mothers we posses an unexplained superpower that allows us to tackle 4 tasks at once, or wake up just in time to keep baby from falling off the bed.  Yes we are the forgotten heroes. Even we  sometimes forget it's there. That IT factor is a special muscle that only mommies possess.... mommy muscle. And like any other muscle you would like to build up to become stronger, it takes work, discipline and time. Well ladies I'm ready to build and I hope you are too. Join me on this journey to becoming bigger and better together!








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Mommy Moments

"Lift every voice and sing"

"Every day may not be good but there is something good in

every day"

I would love to highlight our mommies through stories of laughter and inspiration. Please feel free to share a magical moment, testimony, or simply acknowledge yourself and all you do because you are truly golden....



Danielle Smith


A "Real" Superhero

I sat in a class of 2nd graders whose new exploration was to think of superhero’s for their upcoming lesson. The 26 kids were given a post it note to write down two superhero’s they know. All 26 ballets were in making the ground total 52 superhero’s. The teacher places the notes in a circle graph and grouped liked “hero’s”. The graph however, was mainly filled with fictional characters such as Batman, Spider-Man, plus unicorns. Some students were enlightened enough to use God as a hero and one student wrote down President Obama.

Since the responses were mainly made up characters and the lesson called for the students to be more abstract the teacher gave the children the opportunity to name more superhero’s. Many kids were having a hard time thinking beyond Marvel or DC characters. It was interesting watching the next generation having trouble making the connection of thinking about actual people they know, or have learned about in school. I sat there wanting a child to think of or mention their parents name, as I would when asked who my hero was when I was a child.

Do kids not understand the amount of superpower moms have? Do they believe this gift to juggle their whole lives is not a power? I sat wondering. 


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